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 Hidden Perks - BEWARE!

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PostSubject: Hidden Perks - BEWARE!   Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:32 am

The TRUE Perks Behind Bizarre In-Game Play

Ninja Knife:
Where an enemy that you have been following suddenly is behind you, jumps, and drives his knife down into your skull.

Jump Shot:
Can only be done with a shotgun. An enemy player will suddenly jump around the corner, aim, and fire into your face before you can blink.

No matter where you spawn or go, the same guy is always there to brutally own you before you can pull the trigger.

Rapid Fire .50Cal:
Enemies can fire SNIPER RIFLES faster than automatics.

Your knife stabs into the opponent before he sees you, but bounces off and only allows enough time for him to get in a free stab before you can recover.

Dopey Scope:
Affects any scope or iron sight and is intended to deceive the player into believing he has the enemy in his sights when the bullets are, in fact missing the target.

Spawn Kill:
Whereby they spawn you on top of a grenade or under an air strike. Occasionally it spawns you with 3 or 4 enemies right behind you to try and surprise you.

Enemies will suddenly develop the strong urge to fire randomly and always hit you.

Helicopter X-ray Vision:
The enemy helicopters can kill you even when you're in a building with no windows or holes in the roof around you.

Dog Pile:
Where a team tries to pile out a doorway all at once and they all get stuck in there. This is quickly followed by a random nade that kills only you.

It's when you go to throw a grenade, but instead you pick up the cooked nade that was just thrown at your feet and you kill yourself.

Fluffy Air Strike:
When you call in an air strike right on where the whole enemy team is, you don't get a kill, even when they're all in an open field.

Fluffy Ammo:
Bullets that are fired seem to bounce off enemy players without causing damage.

An enemy you have been following suddenly turns around and knifes you.

A flashbang lands nowhere near you and then suddenly you are looking at a wall or ceiling just before you die.

Firecraker Nades:
Where grenades go off under the enemies' feet and still don't do any damage, let alone kill them.

Bullet Magnet:
Where all enemy fire is directed upon you and you are always the first to die, even when surrounded by teammates.

John Elway:
At the start of each round, the enemies grenades fly the full length of the map and blow up in your face.

Hail Mary:
Enemies' grenades drop out of the sky and have just enough time left on them for you to pick them up and explode.

Copter Bait:
Where as soon as you stick your toe out the door, the Helicopter is there instantly and shoots you.

Bullet Notification:
Where you shoot someone MULTIPLE times, and they are still able to turn around, find where you are, aim, and kill you before you kill them.

Sticky Knife:
Where you knife an enemy only to find that your knife is stuck in the wall and then immediately look over only to be stabbed in the face.

Curving Bullet:
When you have a headshot lined up, the bullet suddenly curves and you die by another player with the same weapon. Ricochet?

Where the enemy no scopes you from across the map, or you get hit from a noob tube from across the map at the beginning of a game. Or an enemy shoots your thrown grenade in your face.

The Invisible Man:
You get killed from bullets seemingly out of nowhere, only to watch the deathcam and see he was right in front of you.

Cotton Candy Bullets:
Whe you shoot someone up with a whole clip and the deathcam doesn't show him getting hit by one.

Paper .50 Cal Bullets:
Whereby a .50 cal with stopping power to the chest doesn't kill, only sends them into last stand and your teammate takes the kill, leaving you with an assist.

Crazy Glue:
Where every time you try and sprint, you always get stuck on doorways, walls, etc.

The range of a combat knife is increased by six feet. Only works for the opposing team.

Ping Pong:
When you toss a grenade, it will bounce off a wall, or window frame, or anything else it can, and land right beside you just before exploding.

The game continuously spawns you directly beneath the enemy helicopter, thereby holding it's attention so your allies can play.

Bulletproof Face
Pouring an entire clip from a weapon (sometimes with Stopping Power) into an enemy face from close range will enable the enemy to get a one-shot pistol kill while you're reloading.

Spawns enemies right behind you, so that as soon as you check and clear a room and move through, you're knifed in the back.

"Death Wish"
Spawn directly in front of all enemies every time.

"Helo Trainee"
Helicopter pilot succeeds only at flying his bird from one side of the map to the other, and is then shot down.

"Noob Wrangler":
Perpetually paired up with a stellar team of non-prestige level 1-40 players against a team of 4-5 level prestige players

Reduces your health to 1/2 it's original value (enemies never seem to use this one)

Super radar:
Enemies can always tell when your reloading and sprinting and will come around the corner at the most improbable times to kill you.

Martyr of Martyrs:
The blast radius of enemy martyrs is doubled

Malfunctioning Death Cam:
Where, even if you didn't press x or weren't in a hardcore game, your deathcam doesn't show you how you died even though your still trying to figure it out.
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Hidden Perks - BEWARE!
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