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 Rules of Engagement {Clan}

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PostSubject: Rules of Engagement {Clan}   Mon Nov 21, 2011 3:44 am

--- >All rules must be followed to the letter. This is a mature clan, so let's act like it.

BLACKLISTING: Bans or sanctions put out for any reason. It will be our pleasure to ban anyone who oversteps their bounds.

When not in matches:

Rule 1: All members must attend ALL practices. PERIOD. (Unless a valid reason is given.)

Rule 2: All members must obey their superiors.

Rule 3: Follow the chain of command. If you have a problem, take it up with your squad leader. Should further action be taken; squad leaders speak to your superiors.

Any clan-team matches:

Rule 1: Buddy System. Teams of two or three ONLY. Never go off alone.

Rule 2: Maintain constant communication. If you fart, we want to know about it.

Rule 3: The team comes first. I don't give a shit if you have a score to settle.

Rule 4: Sharing a kill is okay, but sharing a death isn't. In other words, if your squad member is killed, fall back until you have sights on his killer. Then, by all means, shoot the fucker.

Rule 5: GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP. I don't need you getting a week's ban because you can't shut your trap. I need soldiers, so keep it light.

Rule 6: Must have a way to communicate (Mic)

Rule 7: Willing to help all team members improve their game!

Rule 8: Have some fun out there!!!
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Rules of Engagement {Clan}
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